Eurostar EV 97

The EuroStar is an advanced ultralight airplane which defined new benchmarks in quality, safety, reliability and comfort of ultralight airplanes. Evektor as certified aircraft manufacturer has created a superb recreational aircraft. With over 1000 aircraft delivered worldwide the EuroStar belongs to the most popular advanced Ultra Light airplanes on the market today. We use our eurostar for microlight training and has proven to be a very popular plane at the Ormand flying club. The Eurostar is a fun enjoyable plane to learn to fly in. It is the perfect partner for those looking to fly as a hobby. Perfect for escaping the world below among the clouds.

Cessna C172

The Cessna C172 is the most recognisable plane around the world. It is one of the most common planes among Private licence holders. The C172 is the most successful plane in the history of aviation with more built than any other aircraft. It is one of the most reliable basic training aircraft, also suitable for economical touring. It has a max. cruise speed of 119 kts and a range of over 800 km. This single engine four seat aircraft is perfect for recreational touring allowing the pilot and three friends to take the skies and cruise around Ireland.